How to get started on your exchange in Singapore

The choice of going on an exchange is not as easy as it may seem. It can be one of the biggest and most difficult decisions you will make at such a young age. However, as tough it can be, it will probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

To make your exchange journey in Singapore much easier, I will share with you few tips. Currently, I am in my second term at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.Campus 2

Getting the modules you want

Not sure if you like what you are studying? Want to try something different? Sussex allows you to take any modules you want whilst studying abroad so it is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge in the fields that interest you. 50% of the courses should be in your degree area. However, if you have good reasons for taking something new, Sussex is more than happy to listen to you.

NTU offers a great variety of courses in every department. Courses in Art, Design and Media or within the Business School have a number of elective courses that students from any discipline can enrol on. However, make sure you look at their restriction table as some of the courses are not allowed for exchange students.

Remember: Take a language module ( you can enrol up to two per term) as learning a language in England may get quite expensive and here it is free!Library

Add/Drop period

During the first two weeks you are allowed to add courses you want to enrol on or drop the ones you have been registered to. The process is flexible and allows you to change the modules due to different reasons. For example, the date and time of the class, exam date or the workload. If you add a course, you will be on a waiting list and the system will choose people randomly after 10pm. Next step, just pray you can get it, some courses have 200 people on their waiting list!

Remember: Go the the specific school office, make pretty eyes and ask if they can add you to the course. Most of the time it works! Singapore is not as strict as everyone thinks.View from the room


NTU is building a new residential hall that will accommodate 1,850 students, therefore all the exchange students will be able to stay on campus from the next academic year. The price range of halls varies from S$235-S$300 compared to S$700+ outside campus. One term (4 months) accommodation costs around £600, almost the same price of a monthly room rent in Brighton!

Remember: Only sharing rooms are offered to exchange students. As much as uncomfortable it may seem at first, it is a great experience and the best way to meet more people! Plus, it almost eliminates your chances of feeling lonely or homesick!

These are just the few steps that will get you going at NTU. There is plenty of advice I can give if you decide to come to this lively and green university. Going on an exchange on the other side of the world is certainly challenging, but this is the way to be independent and to take better and faster decisions in the future.The Hive

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help. Contact me on

Kasia Migas is currently studying at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as part of the Study Abroad programme through the University of Sussex.


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