I wanna eat and I will! :p

Malaysia is, my home country, is a food heaven.

Maybe that’s why I love food and I love eating! I’m so used to eating super-delicious food like Nasi Lemak, Satay and Keropok Lekor. Since University of Sussex has many international students, I expected it to be rich with different food and delicious flavours.

As a Muslim though, my concern was that Halal food wouldn’t be available on the campus. I thought that I would always have to cook at home and bring my packed lunch whenever I go to the campus. However, When I first arrived, fellow students told me that I could find Halal food easily! And so I ventured into the campus to the cafes, bars and shops available on campus – there are a lot of them!!!IMG_4682



To my astonishment, there are Halal Food everywhere. I could eat delicious chicken
burger with chips, rice with beef/lamb korma, Nasi Arab at the Tuesday Market, juicy Panini with tuna and mayonnaise and all the sweet cakes, biscuits and croissants. You name it – they are everywhere. Nyums!

Since I do most of my work at different places on campus like Arts B, Shawcross, Library and the prayer room, I’ll share the ones I always go to.

  1. Student Union Shop

I normally go here to get my quick lunch as I get ready for Zuhur prayers and I eat them with my fellow friends in the prayer room nearby. There is a wide range of packed food which is halal here. From pita bread with chicken and mayonnaise or with chicken peri to rice with lamb curry or macaroni and cheese with chicken. They also have snacks, fruits and drinks to choose from. My favourite would be the pita bread with chicken peri-peri because I love its savoury and spicy flavour. Nyums!

  1. Falmer Bar

Falmer bar is the place I go to hang out with my friends for heavy lunch, that is if I have more time to spend. Their chicken burger with chips is really juicy and fulfilling. The chips are crunchy and BIG, just the way I like my chips to be! I would normally eat them with either orange juice or Room 76’s delicious hot chocolate. After eating it, I’d be too full that I could die!

  1. Library Café, Jubilee Café & Eat Central

I loooooove going to the library – I find solace working there. I can work for hours there and when I get hungry or feel like I need a break, I  just go to the café and order their hot chocolate. I love the atmosphere at this cafe because it’s calming to see many students hanging out at the library. I don’t feel like a nerd at all!

I also go to Jubilee Café and Eat Central for their hot chocolate when I feel like changing the atmosphere. Because the hot chocolate at these cafes tastes the same in every one – fantastic!5b1bdbcd1a60b61bc74ec8f50ef62abb

  1. Arts Piazza Café

Another place I do most of work is Shawcross, the IT service. I love doing my work here because it’s near to my office at Arts B and of course, it’s near to this café. I have my lunch here most of the time and normally get their Panini with tuna mayonnaise together with my favourite drink…yes, you git it – hot chocolate: they’re milky, chocolaty and come served with free biscuits on the side (at Falmer Bar). And the price? It doesn’t even cost me 5 pounds.

All the food that are served at these cafes, bars and shops are really cheap and affordable. And of course, they’re Halal! No need to worry about it! Just get hungry and eat! Nyums!

In short, let’s fill our tummy with these scrumptious food! Can’t wait! :p

Zurina Khairuddin is a Malaysian student who is studying studying for a PhD in Linguistics in her second year.


2 thoughts on “I wanna eat and I will! :p

  1. I’m from Malaysia and I’m going to start my class on this upcoming September at University of Sussex. I have few questions. How can I keep in touch with this person personally?


    • Hi Haslinda, it’s great to know that you enjoyed the blog post and even better that you’ll be joining us here at Sussex!I’ll talk to Zurina and see if she’s available to chat. All the best!


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