Why every student should go on exchange

In today’s competitive world most students think about doing a placement year. But what about going on exchange? Students do not realise the value of the year abroad experience. Read my list and let me help you in taking a decision and feeling no regret!DSCF3039

  1. Boost your CV

At this point, it is probably what interests you the most when you are deciding between placement or exchange. The year abroad will certainly make you stand out on the market and employers will be interested in the skills and knowledge you have learnt. Grab your chance and take this opportunity to gain the unique experience in the best way possible!DSCF3347

Meet people from around the world

One of the greatest things I realised when being on exchange, is that you are surrounded by people with similar interests and ambitions. In the end, everyone wanted to go to the same place, everyone had to do well at school to get on the year abroad, and everyone is willing to travel and meet people. Go on the exchange if you want to make friends for life who will help you broaden your horizons!  Although, the personal and academic backgrounds differ greatly, it is this diversity that makes the experience so enriching.DSCF3070

Learn new skills

Only 50% of the courses undertaken have to be in your field, therefore, it is a great chance to learn new skills. For instance, employers love graduates with a second or third language! Perhaps you want to learn a new sport? NTU offers sport courses that are credited! Or improve your marketing or management skills by enrolling onto business course that will be appreciated in any degree. There is something for everyone!DSCF3650


Travelling is definitely one of the student’s favourite part. Not only you can live in some of the greatest cities in the world, but you can explore the country or countries around it. If you choose Singapore, take a 30 min ride to cross the border to Malaysia! Take a £50 worth return ticket and relax at Bali’s hidden paradise beaches like Uluwatu. Interested in history? Visit the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the 7th Wonder of the World. The list is never ending.IMG_0857

Be more open minded

By being in a completely new environment and interacting with people from different cultures you will become prejudice-free. Employers look for people who will consider variety of ideas and views. You will become adaptable to new and challenging environments. It will help you in dealing with difficult situations at work and in everyday life.IMG_0371

Be more confident

What is the best way to overcome your fear? Face it. By continuously fighting your fears, your confidence increases. By doing so, every next step in your life will seem much easier. A year abroad is a great way to learn about yourself and to self-improve. This will boost your confidence and help you with getting your dream career.11952806_10153549186632719_4951006819317157560_o

No need to hesitate more, apply for a year abroad now!

Kasia Migas is currently studying at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as part of the Study Abroad programme through the University of Sussex.



2 thoughts on “Why every student should go on exchange

  1. Hi Lila!
    The main language in Singapore is English but there are still some communication issues because there is a very different accent here. My main advice is to be patient and never be afraid to ask if you don’t understand. Be prepared if people don’t understand you and be very open. In general in south east Asia people speak English a little bit and I have never had any big issues 🙂


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