Reasons why the University of Colorado is the best place to study

Considering the fact that I am now into the final stretch of my time at CU (which saddens me greatly), I thought it would be fitting to write this month’s blog on why this place is so great. I could honestly tell you over 100 things that make it amazing, but I’m limited by a word count (and I don’t want to bore you) so I will select just a few things that I find to be particularly appealing!pic3


  1. The mountains

Let’s just start off with the fact that CU is situated at the foot of some seriously kick-ass mountains. Pretty much wherever you are on campus, you can look in one direction or another and spot them. Especially in comparison to the seaside in Brighton, the mountains are incredibly impressive. I’ve been here for 8 months now and still find myself being taken aback by the view! Anyone who knows me will be aware that I’m not the MOST outdoorsy person. But even I have really enjoyed going hiking over the past few months. There are so many different hikes, of varying difficulty, and the view from up high is spectacular. Boulder is only moderately sized, so from certain places you can pretty much see all of central Boulder from above!

  1. The Conference on World Affairs

When I came to CU, I actually had no idea that the Conference on World Affairs existed, but it is an amazing event that I am so excited to be involved with. What it consists of is 100 speakers coming from all over the world to talk about incredibly diverse topics. From GMOs to punk rock, and aliens to Donald Trump, the range of panels is endless. The conference doesn’t claim to feature ‘everything conceivable’ for nothing! The conference has been ‘bringing the world to Boulder since 1948’, and past participants include Eleanor Roosevelt, Joe Biden and Ariana Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post) just to name a few. It really is a fantastic event, and certainly stands out as a reason to study at CU!180044253_be3883c258_b

  1. Red Rocks

Music lovers: pay attention to this next one. Red Rocks is an outstanding outdoor amphitheatre which allows concert-goers to experience music in the open air. Named as the No. 1 outdoor music venue in America by Rolling Stone, Red Rocks is the place to be between the months of May and September! It is only about a 40-minute drive from CU, and the trip is totally worth it. Artists such as Florence and the Machine, Bassnectar, Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon and so many more have performed there in the past. This year’s line-up includes Ben Howard, Disclosure, The 1975 and The Lumineers (whose concert I am very sad to miss!) Seriously, Red Rocks is awesome. Come study at CU and you’ll see for yourself.

I could go on for so much longer, telling you about how beautiful the campus is, how friendly the locals are, how there is a Colorado Shakespeare Festival held on campus every summer with outdoor performances of a multitude of plays, but I should probably try and contain myself. I can’t express my love for CU Boulder enough, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study here (oops, I’m getting soppy.) But seriously, come and study here, and you will understand!

Lily Whitcombe is a third year American Studies student on a Study Abroad programme at the Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder, USA.





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