A Day in the Life of an Exchange Student in Hong Kong

Living in Kennedy Town makes commuting to the University of Hong Kong a 15-minute stroll that I thoroughly enjoy doing every morning. Dropping by one of the local bakeries and grabbing some warm bread for breakfast on my way has become a routine now. I love watching people start off their day, the view from the harbour and just the generally warm weather makes me want to be outdoors all the time.

pic 1

Classes usually last for 2-3 hours. The workload I must say is higher than what I’m used to at Sussex (hello, Asian education system) but not necessarily more difficult. Either way, it’s definitely manageable!
Favourite time of the day: lunch. Any mealtime to be honest… HKU has quite a good amount of places to eat for cheaper student-friendly prices. There will usually always be at least one friend who has a lunch break at the same time as I do and since most students seem to eat lunch from places on campus, lunch has become a time of catching up!

pic 2

Campus is a lovely maze that I have somehow become familiar with. The view is gorgeous no matter where you are because HKU sits on top of a hill (do not fear, escalators and elevators are provided).

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On days where the weather is nice I try to do something fun after class. Hong Kong is so diverse that it feels like I can never run out of things to do here.

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It’s got the crazy city life which is the only thing many people seem to know about, but it’s also surrounded by small islands you can visit by simply taking a ferry for a few minutes, lots of great hikes along the numerous mountains and also multiple beaches you can unwind at.

pic 5

Nightlife is also great and a lot of fun in Hong Kong – especially for girls. I don’t think I have ever had to pay for entrance or any of my drinks at a club so far.

pic 6

Long story short – if you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to go for exchange, Hong Kong won’t let you down!

Bluinse Thomas is a Law with International Relations student, currently on a study abroad programme at the University of Hong Kong. 


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