The EU referendum: why students must vote, and vote to stay

On 23rd June 2016, the citizens of Great Britain will cast their vote as to whether or not we should remain part of Europe.

There is no clear cut prediction for the outcome, and every single vote will matter. I know a staggering number of people who say that they aren’t going to vote because “it’s only one vote, it won’t affect anything” or “I don’t really know what I think so I’m just going to leave it.” It seriously will make a difference, probably more than any other political decision that has occurred in recent years.6004.item Continue reading


Returning Home vs Homesickness

Congratulations guys, we’ve made it through another academic year. During this time I tend to get mixed feelings about returning home. Although throughout the year I usually miss home terribly, when it’s actually time to leave I feel somewhat hesitant. After all, university changes you in many ways and returning home as a different person can feel a little weird. So this blogpost is dedicated to how to deal with a change of environment, regardless of it’s a place that is already familiar to you or whether it’s going to a place you know nothing about.DSC05791 Continue reading