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Summer is finally here, which for many people also means they finally get to go traveling. I used to think that I would finish my education and find a stable job to earn some money before I go travel the world. This seems to be a goal that many of us have. But I’ve realized that I actually don’t want to wait that long in oder to realize my dream of traveling. Why not just travel while being a student?

During my year abroad in Hong Kong I was able to visit seven countries in Asia that I never thought I would get to see so soon. It was an amazing and irreplaceable experience to be able to travel so much at this age when everything that we see and encounter influences and shapes us into the individuals that we are. Studying abroad, more than just expanding my academics, also allowed me to undergo immense growth in character. Cultural exposure is truly a valuable trait to have and you don’t have to wait for summer to come around in order to achieve this.

Bluinse Thomas is a Law with International Relations student, currently on a study abroad programme at the University of Hong Kong. 


Summer survival tips for the broke and bored student

As I embark upon my final blog for the time being, I thought it would be useful to do a little piece on how to get the most out of this summer if you’re on a budget (which most students are). I have a mixture of free and cheap activities and excursions for you, so keep reading!

Dine in – with a twist4919149291_fec3a667a7_b

If you can’t really afford to eat out but you want to jazz up your evening of eating in then how about a friends Come Dine With Me? Obviously this won’t be completely cost free, but you can set a spending limit. Gather a group of probably 4-6 friends, and pair up. Each pair will host a Come Dine With Me evening! If you’re trying to cut the costs then make it an alcohol free evening, otherwise you can’t go wrong with some Aldi wine! You could also choose to cut out the starter in a bid to save those pennies. Giving the night a theme could be fun – Spain, India, USA or whatever. After you’ve all hosted your dinner, you’ll do the vote to see who is victorious. Due to the budget, the prize will be pride. Or maybe a small box of chocolates from Poundland.

Days outVictoria_&_Albert_Museum_Entrance,_London,_UK_-_Diliff

There’s lots of ways to spend a fun day out without splashing the cash. Most major cities are home to at least one free museum. Be it Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland, London’s V&A or British Museum, The Manchester Museum, or any of the hundreds of other free museums nationwide, you are bound to enjoy your day of culture. If, by some miracle, the weather is decent, then a walk or a bike ride is great. If you don’t own a bike, then I’m sure you know someone who does. Bike around the city or find a nature trail and explore the surrounding countryside. You could even find a biking group and join them on an adventure. There are often walking groups on Facebook who welcome new members. If you’re a dog owner then find some other pooch lovers and go on an exploratory walk!

Nights outRum,_Manhattan,_Tequila_Old_Fashioned

If you are desperate to get out on the town but are worried about the cost, then how about looking for places that offer a good happy hour? Happy hour deals can be considerably cheaper than normal, often offering cheap beer or 2 for 1 cocktails. Likewise, most pubs and bars have special deals on any given night – e.g. Margarita Mondays. It doesn’t take long to find out what’s on offer where, and it can save you several pounds. Find a pub quiz – often free or cheap to enter – and if you’re lucky you might get a free drink or two out of it. The past few I have been to the minimum I’ve got is a free beer and once I won money to spend at the bar (what could be better?), but you might even be lucky enough to win more!

Quick cash

If you’re desperate for money but can’t find a job (or don’t have the time) then try offering dog walking or babysitting services. Put out a few flyers and see where it gets you. Babysitting isn’t for everyone, but if you have the time one or two evenings then you could be a lifesaver to parents who are in need of help. Often people will pay decent money for a dog walker, especially if they work during the day. Plus, who doesn’t want to spend time with a canine companion?!

Lily Whitcombe is a third year American Studies student on a Study Abroad programme at the Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder, USA.

Acceptance for a Summer Internship in Zhuhai, China: Pre-departure.

“We are pleased to inform you that your application for an internship in China, has been successful.” These exact words still give me the same feeling as to when I received this email. I am so lost for words. Something like this just never sunk in and still has not. I cannot believe I’m saying this but I have 3 days left to depart the UK and visit Zhuhai, China for 2 whole months!

I am currently so busy preparing for China. There’s lots to prepare for. From getting the necessary vaccinations, shopping for items that I’ll need while there to doing a quick Asda run to get all the snacks I will crave while there (the most important thing of course). It’s all been so hectic but I know for sure it will be so worth it!

13408903_291036134577445_671304104_n Continue reading

The Housing Talk: Q&A for Study Abroad students

It is not the easiest of subjects to explain at first hand, and it is often one forgotten about by study abroad students until it is too late or makes students anxious. It is important to note, no matter how much time you spend abroad, whether the term or the year, housing can come with complications – but no complications big enough to desuade you from experiencing study abroad!

I understand the anxiousness that can accompany those going for a year abroad in particular – I mean, arriving back to England with a majority of the faces you were greeted with almost everyday suddenly not there anymore? It’s a daunting prospect – and also means less choice for who to house with in the next year. There is not much space, and I have so much to share – so let’s get right to the important stuff! Continue reading