The City of Zhuhai Through My Eyes

Flight safely landed. Ferry safely boarded. Just over 16 hours of travelling completed. And I’m in the city of Zhuhai! Was I prepared for this heat? I’d like to think I was. The air conditioner is my lifeline.IMG_4226

Waking up the next morning, pulling back the curtains, walking out on to the balcony and seeing nothing but the sun and clear blue skies made it all the more surreal. Zhuhai in its own right is so beautiful. I who had never imagined to ever visit China, is now walking the busy streets of Zhuhai. Sometimes expect the least expected? Oh and of course, getting the constant stares from the citizens here. Not to forget, also making it to their camera roll. Yes. It is true. You’re treated like a celebrity here.IMG_4463

As I begin my journey here, I could not thank Intern China for their support in helping me settle in. First lunch with the team was amazing. To follow the tradition of eating at a round table with traditional Chinese food is an experience in itself. I’ve experienced a culture shock as a lot of things are different here and there is a huge language barrier. But this is all part of the journey I have chosen to embark on.IMG_4335

One of the main reasons I chose to complete my internship in Zhuhai was because it is located on the south coast of China. A nice escape and tourist environment. The beach located in Jida is the nice escape I was looking for and the statue of the Fisher girl is a real asset to represent Zhuhai at a beautiful bay.DSC00918

Zhuhai is a city that depicts both poverty and wealth. I walk down streets which are rundown while having the culture at its core. People working hard to make a living by selling fruits, vegetables and preparing meals. Then there are streets and areas which are very well developed. Tall glass buildings and clean parks. To experience this first hand adds value to my progressive knowledge of China. A completely new country, where you understand the difference between the East and the West with your own senses.DSC00943

I wake up every morning and remind myself of my motive and why I have travelled this far to achieve it. It all came down to taking the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I look forward to watching each day unfold. This was Zhuhai through my eyes.

Humayra Hussain is a Law LLB student, going on to the 3rd year at the University of Sussex.




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