Travel as a Student – Travel Vlogs

Summer is finally here, which for many people also means they finally get to go traveling. I used to think that I would finish my education and find a stable job to earn some money before I go travel the world. This seems to be a goal that many of us have. But I’ve realized that I actually don’t want to wait that long in oder to realize my dream of traveling. Why not just travel while being a student?

During my year abroad in Hong Kong I was able to visit seven countries in Asia that I never thought I would get to see so soon. It was an amazing and irreplaceable experience to be able to travel so much at this age when everything that we see and encounter influences and shapes us into the individuals that we are. Studying abroad, more than just expanding my academics, also allowed me to undergo immense growth in character. Cultural exposure is truly a valuable trait to have and you don’t have to wait for summer to come around in order to achieve this.

Bluinse Thomas is a Law with International Relations student, currently on a study abroad programme at the University of Hong Kong. 


One thought on “Travel as a Student – Travel Vlogs

  1. I enjoyed the article I will be a student at Sussex this year and I have a couple of question about the program as I will be also be taking it this year thanks


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