The Anxious Fresher: What to do and how to help

If, right now, you are one of those people who is struggling to throw themselves into university life like the rest of your peers seem to be doing, missing home and finding it generally hard to integrate yourself with everyone…you’re not alone. You may feel desperately alone, I know. But trust me, there are people right now who are feeling exactly the same way you are. I want to say first of all that this is okay. Being unsure and scared of a new experience is not only normal, but extremely common – around 1/3 of students experience feelings of depression and homesickness at some point in their university careers. But this may not make you feel much better. If you’re struggling to hold back tears, feeling isolated yet not wanting to leave your room and having the desperate urge to run back home and never experience this feeling again – I’ve been there, and it will get better. Continue reading


Ten Things You Need to Know Before Start House-hunting as a Recent Graduate

University life comes with a plethora of benefits; one of them is that as a student you get to live in accommodation on campus. There, everything is cheap and easier; that’s not the case though when it comes to renting out a non-university place in Brighton. Here are ten things that you should be prepared for when life comes to it: Continue reading