Ten Things You Need to Know Before Start House-hunting as a Recent Graduate

University life comes with a plethora of benefits; one of them is that as a student you get to live in accommodation on campus. There, everything is cheap and easier; that’s not the case though when it comes to renting out a non-university place in Brighton. Here are ten things that you should be prepared for when life comes to it:


  1. First off, you need to familiarise yourself with the many accommodation agency websites – one is never enough!
  2. Be prepared to pay more money for a non-student property! The vast majority of properties in Brighton are much more expensive than on-or-off campus student accommodation.
  3. People who are not students also have to pay council tax to the local council.
  4. A great amount of the houses/flats available are restricted to: couples, families, a maximum of 2 sharers and full-time professionals. As a recent graduate, who might be single and might not be working full-time, or might want to live with more than one person, these regulations could make your life very difficult.
  5. Properties in Brighton get rented very quickly, so don’t be surprised if a property is taken before you even get there for a viewing, by the ones who had a viewing before you.
  6. What makes this even more complicated is that the accommodation agents may not even let you know about this on time. So, you will end up there, waiting to view a property which has already been taken. Frustrating, right?
  7. This can get more complicated… You will often see that once you view a property which you like and would like to rent out, you are usually going to have to make an “offer” with rent, start date etc and if you are lucky enough it will be accepted by the landlord, otherwise the property will be given to other people.
  8. Needless to say that non-university accommodation agencies come with fees. These may include: deposit, a tenancy agreement fee, guarantor fee, referencing fee…etc.
  9. Can this get more complicated? Yes! You will be surprised by the amount of properties that not only come unfurnished, but they also have no washing machines; which means that –if you are lucky enough to be given a drain hose– you are going to have to buy and figure out how to install a washing machine yourself!
  10. Do not forget that you can always become a lodger and rent out a room in a family home. These houses are cheaper and always have all the necessities and the house owners tend to be nice and helpful. By doing this, you also avoid all the hassle described above, while you also avoid paying pricey un-refundable agency fees!


Finding a decent place to live in Brighton can be pretty tough, especially when you are recent graduate and are not working full-time; and things get more difficult if you are not British. However, don’t panic. Always remember that Sussex Student Lettings will be there to help you out. Their office is located on campus; it’s free, and trusted by students.

Maria Andreou has recntly graduated having completed a BSc in Psychology. She is from Cyprus.


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