Consent Week – A Consent Coordinators view

As an international student coming from America, I was unsure of what to expect as I started my new job as Consent Campaign Facilitator at the Students’ Union. The recent Brock Turner case spurred a new round of debates surrounding consent, once again highlighting how rampant issues of sexual assault are on American University campuses. When working on sexual education at my school in the US, I was often met with an indifference that shocked me. As I traveled to Sussex, I wondered how students would engage with I Heart Consent. Would they respond positively to what we had to say? Would they take the workshops seriously?14292534_626959397478405_7329208339913339164_n Continue reading


Scrap that Year Abroad Plan and Go Join the Scary World of Work!

Working: yuck. Scary and not for you right now, am I right? Let’s just leave that till you graduate, you can deal with that then.

Except in reality, it will creep up on you. These three years will pass in a flash and soon you will be in that hat and gown thinking ‘eek, now what?’

So why not help yourself out? At Sussex, ANYONE can do a work placement. That’s what I did. I study History and Sociology and decided to do a placement year. I worked in the Sainsbury’s Press Office and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Now, I’m going to tell you why.image-1 Continue reading