Visiting Turkey during the coup d’état attempt.

Most of us would have heard on the news or through word of mouth about the attempted coup d’état that occurred in Turkey. No? You didn’t? Well let me attempt to quickly summarise what happened…unknown Continue reading


It’s freezing out there! 10 things to do INDOORS in Brighton

And it’s begun, the cold weather has set in and it is FREEZING! Let’s be honest, it’s making us all want to crawl under our duvets and stay there till May. I remember thinking in first year that venturing into Brighton was only properly worth it in summer – those days at the beach with ice creams are pretty dreamy – but now in my final year I’ve found there are lots of things to do in autumn and winter all indoors in Brighton City Centre. Here is my top 10 (in no particular order)….

  1. The Painting Pottery Café

In the North Laines, you can while away a rainy cold afternoon and get your creative juices flowing. Continue reading

The Power of Words

I’m sure everyone reading this will have heard terms such as “I’m a little bit OCD about that”, “I’m so depressed” and “She’s completely mental” thrown around in everyday language. We’re all guilty of it, but probably don’t realise the effect this type of language is having on the way mental health is viewed in society. A lot of people reading this will think it’s all a case of political correctness gone wrong, however the use of these words and phrases actually changes the way in which we view people with mental illnesses. By colloquialising mental health terms such as “depression” and “OCD”, we’re reducing the perceived severity of these disorders, helping to contribute to the ongoing stigma towards mental illness. Continue reading