December Blues: How to Avoid Colds, Flu and Everything In-between

It’s that time of the year again.

While cold and flu can be pretty easily curable, often without medication, things can sometimes get a little bit messy ending up in complications. Cold and flu symptoms may include – among others – hacking cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, and profound fatigue fever. Why setting yourself up for that when you are busy writing essays and completing reports?!4572856384_48072b3613_b

1. To start with, you need to get it right: There isn’t cold weather; there are people who don’t dress appropriately according to the weather.

2. It is worth checking the weather forecast before stepping out of the house. You live in Brighton, the weather is an on and off mood and enjoys to surprise us. Why leaving your coat behind when the weather fairies warned people of a coming up flood?

3. You are what you eat: Diet is powerful and can easily help stave off a cold: Consuming yogurt, mushrooms, chillies and honey, while loading up on liquids will make you strong and powerful.

4. Aside from good diet the annual flu vaccine may also come in handy.

5. Don’t cover your mouth with your hands when you cough, since this would just spread the contamination. Instead, cough into your elbows.

6. Get some sun and natural light – it boosts your immune system, by producing Vitamin D, which enhances your immune system’s function.

7. Always carry a scarf with you, if you don’t want it around your neck, you can use it to cover up your nose – so that you don’t inhale iced air on your way home, increasing your chance to caught the flu. A scarf could also be used as an umbrella!

8. Don’t dress to impress – dress according to the weather. You may want to show off your shiny skin, but surely staying warm in your winter clothing feels better than your snot after that wild summer-outfit night out.

9. Everyone has that one sneezer friend who is constantly ill. They have no seasons; every season for them is a flu season. You may love and know them for years, but be careful around them. You want them to keep their bacteria away from you!

10. If everything fails and instead of lemons, life gives you a long-lasting cold, remember to inhale oils and not to cool your body down when you have a fever (your body’s way to fight infection is to naturally raise its temperature).

So, next time you go out think it over; dress for the weather, not your fans.

A friend of mine would also add: “Dress for the body you have, not the body you want.” Sound advice indeed, but that’s another story…

Maria Andreou has recently graduated having completed a BSc in Psychology. She is from Cyprus.


One thought on “December Blues: How to Avoid Colds, Flu and Everything In-between

  1. Fajnego masz bloga. Kocham tu wracać ponieważ każdy twój wpis czytam z ciekawością. Twoje wpisy czyta się lekko co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy czytając go. Tak 3maj.


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