How to have a student Christmas before you head home for the holidays…

Ah December is here! Finally we can legitimately play Christmas songs and not get weird looks. There are lots of fun and cheap ways to make yourselves feel festive at uni before heading home for Christmas. Here are a few suggestions ranging from arts and crafts, present ideas to organising a fake Christmas:

1) Get a tree!

-Now if money is no object you could flash the cash and get a 6 foot real tree, but there are a few other options for you. Sainsbury’s Lewes Road are selling small real Christmas Trees for £10, and split between a few of your mates that’s not much. Alternatively, go into the woods and pick a very large branch that’s fallen to the ground (don’t snap one off – that’s unfair on the tree and not environmentally friendly).christmas-tree

2) Decorate!

-You don’t need fancy baubles for your student house or flat! Head to Poundland, 99p Store or Tiger and go crazy for tinsel. If you are feeling more creative why not make some Christmas paper chains? Get loads of old colourful plastic bags and rip them into strips then try them all together in chains. Alternatively make Christmas bunting. Buy one roll of wrapping paper and stick the triangles to string and hang up on the wall.


3) Presents.

-It gets expensive buying all of your new mates presents, so either set a price limit or organise a Secret Santa. Then you can get together and open all the gifts before you head home. Alternatively hand out homemade mince pies or gingerbread.first-year-secret-santa


4) Organise a fake Christmas

-Here is the biggie, if you’re feeling up to it, organise a house Christmas with your friends or housemates. You can cook a roast and between a few people it doesn’t cost much.  Or alternatively go out for food – there are loads of places in town that offer Christmas menus, or head to East Slope for a roast!christmas-twig-tree


5) Celebrate in Brighton

-There are a few Christmassy things to do in the city centre. The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is up for the whole of December, you can book the off-peak slot and get student discount so it works out cheaper. Then you can use the money you’ve save to get a glass of mulled wine after! There is also the Brighton Christmas Market in Jubilee Square that you can visit to feel super festive!

So there you have it, a few ways you can celebrate Christmas student style, before you finish term!

Joanna Clark is a History and Sociology student with a Professional Placement Year


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