The EU Referendum and the Importance of Voting

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the UK will decide whether or not to remain in the European Union, and oh boy is this a big deal. This blog is designed to be accessible, to clear up some common misconceptions about the EU and to explain the methods of voting.  You shouldn’t need any background in European politics to understand this. I am a firm fan of the EU and fully encourage you all to vote, and to vote to stay in.6004.item Continue reading


Sussex vs University California Santa Barbara: Exam madness and the value of mince pies.

Assessments are weird in the USA , or so I think anyway. I have regularly discussed with friends here about how different our education systems are and I think it an important factor to take in to account for anyone thinking of a year abroad.

As someone who strives to do well and is now in their third year of higher education, I feel like I have the UK system pretty well understood. Readings for seminars are important but I would love to meet the person who can honestly say they have never skipped the odd article. Or to meet a person who can say they have never been in a seminar where a significant portion of the class is clearly suffering after Oceana Wednesdays. (I had a 9am Thursday seminar in my first two years, and for some reason, attendance by others was always low!)US-UK-blend Continue reading

The list on my fridge translating for a baffled Briton in the USA

JHvgmQbd18WDyeaDSydZG2KvbWZ7GFlkQY7QqY81kloStudying abroad is a wonderful, exciting and challenging thing. In this first entry I will to tell you about some of the unexpected challenges that I have faced so far whilst on exchange at the University of California Santa Barbara, in particular with regard to linguistic differences.

We all know that in America there are some minor and downright entertaining language differences. When my roommate is wondering around the flat and blurts out “Oh, I forgot to put my pants on again!” I still find myself chuckling even though I know she is referring to her trousers. Continue reading