Mythbusting: Student Media

With all the Media Anniversaries this year (URF 40, Badger 20, UniTV 5 years) I would like to take this opportunity to rebut some myths surrounding Student Media here at Sussex. As a member of UniTV and URF, these are concerns that are always brought up whenever I encourage people to join.

Student Media are only for Media students
This couldn’t be more further than the truth. In fact, I speak from experience (being also a non-media student), you’ll be very surprised but in fact, the majority of the people who are actively involved in the Student Media are actually from non-media studies. The majority of the execs for UniTV are from courses as varied as History to Physics to Computer Sciences. The manager of URF is not a media student, or a journalism student, she’s studying Neuroscience.

Your course doesn’t dictate your passion to join or interest to check out the work of the Student Media. Also, another perk that you get when you join as a non-media student, you get to have access in the Media School Edit and Sound Suites, or those restricted-access rooms in Falmer House. Aren’t you curious what’s behind those doors?1941476_609271712490448_883144214_o
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Guide to Student House Hunting in Brighton – The ‘Solo and Broke’ Edition

As if moving away from home and adjusting to university life was hard enough, a new ordeal pops up between the months of December to February of your first year; the search for your accommodation for next year.

You are somehow miraculously expected, within the first semester of absolute daze and confusion, that you’d be able to find not only friends, but friends that you trust enough to room with.
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