Why Every Student Should Learn a Language

Learning a language takes baby steps.

At first you are like this:

And the first time after you order a sandwich correctly in your chosen language, you most definitely feel like this:

But when you try and learn all the tenses all at once: Continue reading


Christmas beats Stress

My name is Josie. I’m a second year English student studying abroad in Germany. I decided to take a year away from Sussex and bring myself to the exotic tropics of Munich, Upper Bavaria, surrounded by lederhosen and mountains.

As this blog for the University of Sussex starts in January, I thought I’d start my first post with reflections on Christmas. My friend Emma and I decided to get away for a weekend to explore the Christmas markets in Berlin – and boy, were they worth it. Christmas lights twinkling everywhere, glühwein, and just that Christmassy feeling of giddiness was everywhere.


But then I returned to Munich and the reality of deadlines that seep into every student’s life until suddenly you find yourself blinking in tired confusion at the pile of work you need to sift through. It got me thinking, is there any way that Christmas can somehow cure stress? (Yes, yes there is indeed.) Continue reading