A Study in… Well, Studying. [And Essays!]

Guess what, friends? Exam time is approaching.


I know, I know. Nobody wants to think about it. But if you start working on things now, you’ll feel much less stressed about it later. So here are a few suggestions about studying, and then a look at my (not-so-secret) method of writing essays quickly and effectively. Continue reading


One World Week Sussex is Coming up!

As One World Week approaches, I’m reminded of just how many international students I’ve met during my time at Sussex. Back home, with a population of around 50,000 students, it’s much more difficult to come across those students who have come to Texas from far off places. I did have a chance to interact with some of them, but the ratio was nowhere near that of Sussex, where I’m told there are five thousand (if not more!) students and staff members from other countries and continents. That is an incredibly impressive number, given that the university has around 14,000 students in total.

One World Week 2016 logo with dates Continue reading

The Perks of Being an International Student

First off: If you caught the reference in this title, ten points to your Hogwarts house of choice. [Slytherin represent!]


In all seriousness, over the five months I’ve spent here, several people have asked me questions about being away from Texas. I actually expected them to ask international students here for the full three years, but I’m not complaining. Free topic of conversation, right? As someone who often struggles to know exactly what to bring up since our cultures are so different, I’ve actually really loved having my new friends ask about home. It does get difficult, being away so long, but it’s nothing compared to those who are going to be gone for three years or more. Continue reading