Top 13 Graduation Day Spoilers

Your graduation day will see you bathed in compliments. And memories. And emotions.

I don’t intend to be dismissive, yet I will. To many of us, graduations are overrated.

Although not a fan myself, I did it as a final hazing on the threshold of adulthood.

…But what could actually get you down in the dumps on the day?

1. You will quickly realise that the gown – which you had to pay to rent – is pretty freaking heavy.

2. But it will make you feel royal; and you will still pretend to be Harry Potter. Because you are a poser.

3. Student names will be repeatedly mispronounced. It’s like being a Coca-Cola and get called Pepsi. Hope you are not a Juan either…

4. They will wig you out when they say you must hide your cool fringe underneath your mortarboard before you get on the stage. You have to; it’s a ritual. A ritual that never felt so unnecessary – if I could sue them for you, boy, I would.

5. You will shamelessly attempt to throw your mortarboard up in the air (you know, like they do in the movies).  And fail. Successfully. But you won’t abandon your attempts before perfection is achieved.

6. Your mum will probably have a big cry or two, thinking you grew into a savvy, well-behaved adult, equipped with everything needed to save the world. Little. does. she. know.

7. There’s a chance you will get asked by family members who have never been to uni to wear your gown and mortarboard. Well, unless unlike mine, your mum is pretty normal.

8. Weather permitting, there will be some serious photo-drama. Selfies near, next to, in front of – but hopefully not underneath – the Pier. Chances are you will spend ages feasting your eyes on them after graduation though.

9. Everyone wearing extreme high heels will instantly regret it. You are gonna have fun watching people praying to not trip over. Popcorn, anyone?

10. You will see a bunch of fellow students for the very first time…

11. And you will actually realise that this is probably the very last time you will see them.

12. Alas, you will be saddened when you realise that it’s all over now… and might even hear the lyrics of ‘We are young’ reverberating in your head.

13. But you will feel better when you discover you are an official Sussex alum, eligible to a bag of freebies and benefits, including a bottomless supply of sweets promised to fuel your limbs and synapses with sugar.

Truth be told, graduation ceremonies can be kind of inspiring, and you should consider attending yours; after all, getting that bloody degree is the main reason you’ve spent ages in academic institutions, isn’t it?

Although this is important, it’s overall only part of the reason…

Your graduation day will see you bathed in compliments. And memories. And emotions.

See you there.

Maria Andreou has recently graduated having completed a BSc in Psychology. She is from Cyprus.

”I’m So Tired”

…*Music playing* …

I haven’t slept a wink; I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink…

Can you relate to the tune? That’s how The Beatles would sing the deadline pain away.

With deadline day being just around the corner – and exams dangerously close as well – it’s easy to go bananas and reach your breaking point. So, here I am sharing with you the most idyllic, calming places on campus, capable of embracing your weary soul during these dreadful times – you are welcome:

  1. ACCA café. Has your eye ever spotted that iconic, multi-million-pound refurbishment opposite Falmer Bar? The Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA), formerly known as the Gardner Arts Centre, has now been polished; its new looks and old-fashioned jukebox, combined with its minimalist vibes offer views capable of helping you lower those high cortisol levels. Do help yourself to some independent magazines and artsy brochures…
  2. Arts patio. We couldn’t have asked for a better ‘bridge’ connecting Arts B to C. Aside from benches and silence this area also accommodates fish. Judging from its colours, it’s a fantastic place to hide. I mean…REVISE! Look at these smiley souls making the most of it…
  3. The Dhaba. While it’s evident that our campus has a lot to offer, including a great selection of cafés and restaurants, not everyone knows of The Dhaba – the restaurant located just a footstep away from Jubilee, that provides its guests with delicious vegetarian food and garden facilities. ‘Loved by herbivores and carnivores alike, Dhaba is the place to go for a wide array of delicious vegetarian and vegan options.’
  4. Café Room 76. Located at the back of the infamous Falmer Bar, Room 76 offers a fabulous selection of cakes, fair-trade coffees and bubble teas, all brought to you with a cosy atmosphere sought after by many book and indie-décor lovers far away from the heavy smell of the bar. Have I mentioned their loyalty card?!
  5. Hills. Catch your breath around the greenery of campus hills. Your Sussex experience would be incomplete if you didn’t grab the chance to roll down a hill with a mate or two, or three, or four, or…okay. They see you rolln’ they hatin’.
  6. Jubilee study-cubicles. While some students are deemed to freeze in dark, isolated study rooms BMEc students have the luxury to place their butts and MacBooks over the warmth of these diamond-shaped creations, which I’ve named ‘cubicles’. We don’t get anything quite similar in Psychology…khm, khm!
  7. Meeting House. Has anyone mentioned FREE COFFEE? While the vast majority of the student body have nothing timetabled here, the award-winning Meeting House always has its doors open to the weary, dozy learners. When life gives you free milk, coffee beans and hot water, make a coffee!

The list could be endless, including places such as the small Innovation Centre café and stress-free Language Centre PC clusters. Have any of these places ever caught your eye? Has anything slipped my mind?

Regardless of where you choose to unwind, remember to breathe, sleep and eat well; and when things get dark remind yourself you can make it – in a parallel universe, you’ve already done so.

Good luck.

*Music still playing*

Maria Andreou has recently graduated having completed a BSc in Psychology. She is from Cyprus.

December Blues: How to Avoid Colds, Flu and Everything In-between

It’s that time of the year again.

While cold and flu can be pretty easily curable, often without medication, things can sometimes get a little bit messy ending up in complications. Cold and flu symptoms may include – among others – hacking cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, and profound fatigue fever. Why setting yourself up for that when you are busy writing essays and completing reports?!4572856384_48072b3613_b Continue reading