Over spring break I was lucky enough to pass through Missouri and Kentucky and eventually reach the state of Tennessee – to Nashville. I didn’t know what to expect from Nashville and had only stereotypical ideas of an endless mass of cowboy hats and blaring country music. What I did immediately notice was the fresh air; something I took for granted before reaching the big city of Chicago. So the first thing I did was take a deep breath.12900100_1223884837639689_844227831_n Continue reading


4 Reasons Long Distance Love is a Long Shot

Unfortunately I had to sacrifice something dear to me in exchange for my year abroad in ‘murica. I went to Chicago in a relationship and I will go back single. Not the end of the world however – I was able to do two things: eat my feelings with an extraordinary amount of questionable American food and, I was able to reflect on what went Continue reading

Resolution January

12576287_10207063440239005_1682826333_nTraditionally my January has been filled with anxiety driven thoughts of the unfortunately placed mid-year exams that are cruelly brought upon my lazy person. I am always impressed with my ability to procrastinate over Christmas and the New Year, whether that be having ‘one’ pint at Falmer Bar for a much-needed revision break, or eating three Co-Op Meal Deals whilst rounding off-season two of ‘Orange is the New Black’. With only two episodes left I must finish it because you know, symmetry. Then BAM, it is one week until my first exam and I have an existential experience, my eyes dilate and I realize that in seven meager days something bigger than me will occur in the sports centre hall. Panic ensues. Continue reading