So Japan. What’s it like?

I came back from studying abroad for the Christmas break. Choosing to take a year in Japan rather than face looming graduation, I still chose to return to familiar soil. I didn’t want to miss out on food, family and friends. After four months of living in dormitories, trying to make sense of a new currency and balancing wanderlust with deadlines – it was a well needed break. Since returning and interacting with people of all sorts, I have constantly been faced with questions ranging from “How’s Japan?” to “What’s Japan like?” IMG_0707 Continue reading


Sympathy for the Deadline Warrior

“Two weeks,” The Procrastinator scoffs, “I know this girl who wrote a three thousand word essay in twelve hours whilst on two hours sleep, a day after the deadline. I’ve got plenty of time.”

scary sleeping disturbing waking up
You wake up in a sweat. A nightmare. You were sat in the exam hall. Alone staring at the blank sheet of paper. No intelligent answers coming to the surface. It’s okay. It was just a dream. The days are ticking away but that won’t stop you. After all, there’s the kitchen to clean, X’s birthday card to write, Mum to call, Dostoevsky to read, your demo mix-tape to finish recording. Continue reading