The Housing Talk: Q&A for Study Abroad students

It is not the easiest of subjects to explain at first hand, and it is often one forgotten about by study abroad students until it is too late or makes students anxious. It is important to note, no matter how much time you spend abroad, whether the term or the year, housing can come with complications – but no complications big enough to desuade you from experiencing study abroad!

I understand the anxiousness that can accompany those going for a year abroad in particular – I mean, arriving back to England with a majority of the faces you were greeted with almost everyday suddenly not there anymore? It’s a daunting prospect – and also means less choice for who to house with in the next year. There is not much space, and I have so much to share – so let’s get right to the important stuff! Continue reading


The Brexit Talk – an Erasmus student perspective

Brexit – the event on the tip of everyones tongue. It must be tiring for some to see such talk all over the place, with newspapers, social networks and television news programmes obsessively covering the argument until the 23rd June. We have seen the referendum splitting not only parties from one another, but also causing fragmentation within parties. This is particularly true of our current leading party, the Conservatives, with Boris Johnson calling for an end to the union believing at a time when Brussels should be devolving their power, they instead are ‘hauling more and more towards the centre, and there is no way that Britain can be unaffected’. PM David Cameron thinks otherwise.Erasmus_logo.svg Continue reading

When Culture Shock Strikes

Whether you move to the other end of the world like Australia, or just across the channel to France – or even hopping across the Atlantic to the seemingly similar USA, you will not escape the symptoms of culture shock. It’s often pointed out across many different briefings, with even a few examples or charts to go along with it, yet despite this, we all shrug it off.

“It’s not that big of a deal!” 

“It won’t affect me! I’ll be fine!”12670876_10206293812925740_1817583365444984034_n Continue reading